Brand new review from Tony in LA…much respect for the amount of times ‘rock’ is mentioned!

‘Attention all rockers and rollers! UK based rockers, White Pigeon have arrived and and they are going to ROCK your world! The band’s debut release, ‘Property Of White Pigeon’ is the shot of adrenaline the rock ‘n roll world has been waiting for! Chris Nugent on guitars/vocals, Jon Antony on guitars, Eoghan Logue on bass, Joe Yoshida on drums/vocals, Nathalia Sohl on vocals and Natascha Sohl on vocals.  This band has an unlimited amount of enthusiasm, great guitar riffs, a solid back beat topped off with killer vocal harmonies. ‘Property Of White Pigeon’ is a solid ball of rock that is straight forward and goes for the throat from the moment you hit play and the rock ’till you drop rocker, “Party” fires out of speakers you know right away you are in for a rock and roll good time. You get a good selection of rocking tracks like, “Sea Devil”, “The Hunt” and the ode to fine ladies of the state of Kentucky with, “Kentucky Pie”.  Then there are tracks like, ”
Don’t Get Too Close (Squash Song)” and “Get Me Outta Here”, that will get your rock and roll juices flowing in no time flat! 11 tracks total all are guaranteed to get your rocks off!  I can’t fail to mention the amazing guitar work of Chris Nugent and Jon Antony. Chris lays down concrete rhythm and string-bending leads, and Jon drives it all home with his smoking quick licks. The secret ingredient to any good solid rock band is a competent rhythm section and White Pigeon has a rock solid one. Eoghan Logue delivers the booming bass lines while Joe Yoshida gives us some great drumming, old style and rocking. Let’s not forget the ladies, Nathalia and Natascha Sohl these ladies give the band that unique voice that makes them stand out amidst the generic sounding bands that are out right now. With this release,  White Pigeon has accomplished what they set out to do and that is to record a straight up good time rock and roll album for all to enjoy! If you
hate Rock and Roll, love angst-ridden teen torment drama pop punk, can’t have a good time, and are too cool for school, please ignore this album. But, if you like to get your rocks off , Kiss, Thin Lizzy, The Darkness, Queen, Van Halen, and just good ole Rock and Roll, then this is a must have album! Highly Recommended!’

Tony aka The Atomic Chaser @ The Dedicated Rocker Society/All Access Magazine


Ringmaster Review: Property of White Pigeon

‘First album Property Of White Pigeon is the next step on the way to igniting national recognition for White Pigeon and a formidable persuasion it is!’



Squash Equipment Roundup (Feb 2013 –

If anyone wonders exactly which squash rackets were used in the filming of ‘Don’t Get Too Close (Squash Song)’ this is the ideal blog to visit!

Squash Site 365 Another mention of the squash song here…thanks very much!


Two Guys Metal Reviews 20/01/2013

‘White Pigeon is a fun, all-out hard-rock band who have major glam influences that seep into their symphonic sound. A fusing of Europe and Whitesnake along with a healthy dose of humor shows White Pigeon to be a powerful force in the Guildford rock scene. Their sound is accessible to fans of more mainstream music, but at the same time its cheery riffs and old school feel should attract many a metalhead. In particular, quite a few of the guitar riffs seem to be in the Iron Maiden vein, the band’s influence is also mirrored in some of the more epic compositions, namely in the epic, eponymous track “White Pigeon”. Overall this band is very tight and has a lot of solid riffs and sounds that will engage many a listener. Seemingly destined to be great, White Pigeon’s dynamic sound will capture you and not let you go. Any fan of classic metal, glam, the NWOBHM or hard rock in general should love these guys. Go check them out!’


Don’t Get Too Close (Squash Song) article

Caption: The English rock band “White Pigeon” is bringing out a track with the title “Don’t Get Too Close” – Squash is the song’s theme.

White Pigeon is the name of the rock band whose new track is going to be a song with squash as its theme. Before the song comes out an advance version can be seen on YouTube.

“You can boast about your drop shots”, “don’t get too close to the ball” and many other bits of the text about squash are to be found in the song.

The accompanying video, in which the band are dressed in rather strident clothing and play their song in a squash court, was filmed by Tom Worrall in Surrey Sports Park, Guildford, England (about 50km south of London).

It remains to be seen how the song will be received by squash fans. But even if it proves not to be to everyone’s taste, we can be pleased that a band has taken squash as a theme and drawn further attention (to the sport) in another genre.


Hit The Floor live review 1/2/2012

‘Second on was local band White Pigeon who performed with valiant effort. There is some real talent in the band as guitar player Jon Antony played some crazy licks and never missed a note. Their sound was very raunchy rock n’ roll and the power ballad ‘Ladies’ was a real winner.’


‘The Scene’ Magazine October/November 2010

‘Backline sponsored the Acoustic Stage at Guilfest 2012 with a difference from the help of a large sound and lighting rig and some generous assistance from Marshall Amplification for the backline on stage. According to the organisers of Guilfest; the Acoustic Stage was the best to date, featuring 59 artists that included 10cc, Mungo Jerry and bands like Redwood, White Pigeon and Three Fingers of Firewater.’

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